Recreating A Look For Less




Hey friends I came across a throwback picture of my daughter when she was in high school. She wanted this one trendy look so bad, wait what am I saying  she wanted all the latest trends. But this one  I just couldn’t see myself paying full price. Knowing I could find the exact look in any thrift store for a couple dollars literally. I bet your wondering which trend it was. Well it was a ”slip dress”, you might have seen this look back in 2017. This was a favorite of Kim Kardashian when dressing her daughter North. As I said before this was one look I was not willing to spend much on. So yes I did provide her the look, but from the Goodwill. She was happy and wore it often. On the day of the pictures below we were actually graduation dress shopping. We decided to check our local Marshalls to see what we could find and guess what we came across, yup you guessed it her exact outfit she was wearing but for a whole lot more money…the slip she’s wearing was no more than $2-$3 at the goodwill and her shirt is a t- shirt she’s had… I quickly asked her how much the set was selling for and I could not believe my eyes 👀 I had to get a picture. It’s safe to say I think this little trend was way over priced and if your looking to recreate the trendy “slip” look try your local thrift store first they usually have tons of slips.



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