Summer Vibes


Wow is it really already August? Summer is in full affect and as usual bright colors are perfectly acceptable for this time of the year. So did you wear any neon colors this year or bright yellows? Summer has to be my favorite season, the warm weather just makes me feel so good.  I was fortunate enough to visit my home state of California in July and I got to reminisce and do thing from my child hood. If you’ve read my July Stars and Stripes I recycled an old look and added something new to my 4th of July outfit. It was almost like a family reunion hanging out listening to music, dancing and eating bbq ribs at redondo beach. As I mentioned I got to do somethings from my child hood like go to the skating rink. But this isn’t your ordinary rink. World on wheels was a staple for my city growing up. They had the 7 to 7 where you would go in at night and not leave until the next day early in the morning. Blasting the best hip-hop music while newbies and regulars glided hand in hand to the beat.  I mean this place was older than me having opened in 1981. They closed there doors in 2013 for what we all thought would be the last time. But guess what not only did they reopen in 2017 with a bang even celebrities as big as Beyonce and Jay-Z have visited the newly remodeled skating rink. As we say goodbye to summer and hello fall I want to share with you some of my favorite looks. I can’t wait for pumpkin spice everything. Enjoy some of my favorite looks from this summer below.

Date night on a Taco Tuesday
World On Wheels Los Angeles California
Look back at it.


All about matching colors in summer
Daytona Beach, Florida
Venice Beach, California


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