Repeat Style



Hello friends I wanted to touch on something I use to struggle with, but not anymore. Have you ever had a favorite pair of jeans or worn an amazing outfit just once. You take pictures and post them for your friends, family and even the world to see. But when you revisit the same piece in your closet and you think to your self I wonder if it would be weird if I took pictures again in this outfit or you might have switched it up a bit but your still wearing you favorite jeans from a couple days ago.  I’m talking about repeating an outfit. I must admit I am a serial repeat offender and I don’t care. With social media now days its kind of a stigma to repeat an outfit. Kinda weird right. But honestly whats so wrong with repeating timeless style. I have a favorite pair of mom high wasted shorts I bought from the Goodwill and I wear them and pair them with so many different styles from my wardrobe. I have loads of pics in them and guess what I don’t care. When your style is undeniable  and your confident, you think less about what others may think and you repeat if you want too. The pressure for so many people to look like their living these perfect lives where they never repeat, means they’re either going broke trying to keep up with the Jones or they’re rich and wasting money. Let me know what you think, I would love to get everyone’s take on this. The world is moving so fast, styles and trends are moving even faster. But one things for sure, I have timeless pieces and clothing in my wardrobe that I love enough to repeat and repeat some more. Scroll down and check out some awesome repeats.

My favorite mom jean shorts I purchased from the Goodwill


I love pairing this blue mini skirt with green colos


Little black dress from H&M but i bought it from Goodwill


I bought this beautiful gown from the Goodwill for my daughter at a whopping $6.99
She wore this dress to two military balls


I wore this dress for Easter
I repeated this look for my daughters graduation
I wore this look on Valentines Day 2016
I also wore this dress on my birthday 2017

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