Thrifting Tips


Who doesn’t love a good bargain? Thrifting is definitely a great way to find a good deal. I don’t know about you, but it can be pretty overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. There’s so many things that come to mind when I think about shopping.  “Why am I here?” “OMG there’s so much stuff!” “Where do I begin?” Those are just a few of the thoughts I may have. But here are a few tips that can make your life a little easier.

What to wear.  If going to try on clothes dress comfortable and appropriate. Some thrift stores may not have a fitting room. So wearing more form fitting clothing makes it easier to slide pieces over what your wearing.

Have a plan. Have an idea of where you would like to start. We all know thrift stores are jam packed with stuff. If your going to look for a dress or purse start there first and then move on to your next area. So that if you don’t cover the whole store your not upset and can try another section on a different day. 

Double check. So you found a great designer pair of dress slacks and tried them on, only to notice a tiny whole on the back pocket. Can you fix it? Should you pass on the item all together? Here’s where you should most definitely and I can’t stress this enough thoroughly check, inspect, turn inside out, looking for stains, rips, loose threads, plug appliances in, and flip through books before you check out.

Damaged item, what to do.  If you decide to purchase that one item with the missing button, you can most certainly ask for a discount. Now this may or may not work in some larger thrift stores, but hey its worth a try. And if that doesn’t work ask if they are willing to give you something additional for free, preferably a smaller less expensive item.

Sales and discounts. Some stores use a color system to let you know what’s on sale and some may even offer discounts to college students, military or senior citizens. While others may have certain days they offer fifty percent off the whole store. So when you walk in ask the nearest employee about all discounts.

Zip codes. The area you choose to shop in determines the type of merchandise you may find. For instance in Los Angeles if your looking for more designer labels check the outskirts of Beverly Hills or if looking for more trendy unique pieces travel to Melrose.

Seasonal. I absolutely love getting seasonal items from thrift stores. Christmas, Halloween, Easter any holiday your guaranteed to find what your looking for. When the season ends is a good time to stock up for next season. Also seasonal merchandise usually goes straight to clearance, because they need to clear those items out for more merchandise.

Visualize. My friends and family are always in awe of the amazing finds I come up with. While there always saying they cant find anything. I tell them the key is to visualize. Seeing something on a hanger may not look like much, but you’d be surprised at what you can find with a little imagination.

Everyday is something new. Remember most thrift stores receive things almost everyday and larger stores can receive thing all day long. Ask when there delivery dates and times are so you can get a head start. Checking often will help with your bargain shopping.

I hope this helps, until next time have fun and take your time.

I’m wearing comfy clothes (courtesy of the Goodwill) and I’m ready.
It was definitely worth it on this day.
This cute little jumper I’m wearing was purchased at the Goodwill.
Decisions, decisions….
I bought all three purses.


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