Hello and welcome to my page. For all my life I’ve been great at stuff I found to be normal, never really thinking anything of it. I like to consider myself an artist. The reason I say this, is because anything having to do with creative thought is something I enjoy. All through out my school years I enjoyed anything having to do with art. I was easily the best in my art classes. My art teachers always used my work for examples or saved them for display. I once had a teacher Mr. Reed in high school and back then i didn’t really think much of my work, because I thought it was normal to be good at art. Well when I got to class one day Mr. Reed said he had gotten some of my art work out of the trash and couldn’t believe I had thrown it away. I was always the one doing everyone’s hair and just naturally good at it. I recall being in maybe 5th grade or so and my aunt asking me do her hair for a wedding where she would be a brides maid. The request was to style her hair in a french roll, which was a popular hairstyle back then. I couldn’t believe she asked me to do her hair. I was also that little girl that preferred to make my barbies clothes out of whatever I could find. My grandmother had a hallway closet that had all kinds of old fabrics and scraps from her sewing and I would use those fabrics to create all kinds of beautiful things for my dolls. I started wearing makeup in the 5th grade. My grandmother would get free lipsticks from a cosmetic company and they would be outrageous colors she didn’t wear, like orange or bright reds and I would go in her make drawer and take them. As an adult I get complements on my make daily and I pride myself on not looking like to artificial, but like a woman who wears the appropriate makeup for my face, features and complexion. I enjoy styling people for fun. I have two children, a 10yr old boy and a 17yr old daughter and I have lots of fun putting them together. When ever I look at someone, I see the beauty in them and what I would do with them if I could clothe them, do their makeup, style their hair, accessorize them both men and women. I’m a single mom always on the go but I always try to fit in some me time. I’m knew to this blogging thing so bare with me as I share pieces of me with old things and new things.

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