Summer ’17

Hey guys as summer winds down and before we switch into fall fashion I want to update you on some of my favorite looks this summer.  From swimsuits and three piece sets I had alot of fun.  Summer is my favorite time of the year after all. Yes I’m still dressing for less and loving it.

On this day I went jetski riding in the Halifax river and had the time of my life. The swimsuit pictured above is one of two swimsuits I ordered from amiclubwear.

This look I would definitely call waterpark behavior. I went to the new Universal Orlando Volcano Bay waterpark and I just had to have the best outfit, I bought this set from Giti in the Florida mall, they also have online shopping. I spent alot of time at the beach this summer.  When summer is almost over all swimwear no matter where you go is usually on sale and on a casual day of shopping at Walmart I couldn’t help but notice there clothing section placed right in the front of the store and there big $5 signs. Being the bargain shopper I am I couldn’t pass up such a great deal on such a cute swimsuit. I choose the red one and almost bought them in all colors.


This look was so unexpected and put together. The beautiful lace crop top I’ve had for years. It’s definitely one of the pieces in my closet I would consider a timeless piece, meaning I can pull it out every summer and it will always look good. The skirt I bought from the Goodwill and the name brand label is Old Navy.  I mean how could I pass up this beautiful flowing skirt. After getting fully dressed I still felt incomplete so I took a necklace and created a belly chain belt and viola outfit complete.


I spent alot of time at my favorite sports bar the Oyster Pub in Daytona Beach. In the first photo I did previously mention stripes are always in. The second photo I’m wearing a shirt from forever 21 that I got from the Goodwill. And in the third picture I’m wearing a sexy teal dress I also bought from the Goodwill. You got to admit I find really nice stuff there.


I love color but I also love nude. I purchased this swimsuit online at Hot Miami Styles. The orange 3 piece set I purchased from Giti.

IMG_20170730_153148_8491501514152355.jpg1501514181116.jpgI went on a dinner cruise in the Halifax river and it was pretty nice and the food wasn’t bad either. My skirt is from the goodwill and my shirt is from Target.

IMG_20170717_153552_375Now that summer is slowly coming to an end I’m hoping for some actually cold days ahead where I can pull my ugg boots out and wear scarfs and sweaters this fall. I hope you had as much fun as I did this summer, I look forward to seeing you and showing you some of my fall wear.

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