Jumpsuits and Rompers

This jumper is a beautiful gem I found in the Goodwill. I’ve actually had it in my closet for over a year before actually wearing it. This popping gold belt is also from the Goodwill. Who doesn’t love a chunky bold statement belt that gives the illusion of a smaller waist.

       This springs latest trend is all the rage, it’s even crossed over into men’s fashion.  You guessed it rompers and jumpsuits.  When you are a true fashionista trends and seasons don’t really define your look.  So with that said I’ve been wearing both for many many years.  My first visit to Florida I wore a beautiful purple romper to the Florida Classic football game in 2008. I still wear it by the way. The only real down fall is having to go to the restroom.  Taking your clothes off can be very awkward and if it zips in the back you can forget about it unless your comfortable asking a random stranger to unzip you or zip you back up.  But this is definitely a trend that’s here to stay.

I’m all smiles knowing I’m killing this jumper look for a little bit of nothing.
Here I am pictured in 2008 after attending the Florida Classic football game.
This little jumper I’m convinced is a timeless piece in my forever wardrobe.
I still pull this cutie out from time to time.
This romper I’ve also had for sometime. I actually bought it on a whim while thrifting.
Perfect shopping outfit.
About to start shopping at my favorite place.

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