Colorful Purses


          I love purses and with so many options can you blame me. The main reason is I literally carry everything in them.  I hoard all kinds of things in them.  I carry big purses and small purses.  I’ll bring my big purse I’m using for the moment and a smaller purse that I will actually wear.  But because of my fear of not having everything, I’ll bring the big purse along anyway in case I need something out of it.  When I say everything is in the big purse I mean receipts (I’m a big receipt hoarder), lotion, wet wipes, 3 wallets (all with different a purpose), 2 make up bags, gum, small bottle of Listerine, mail, important papers, that’s to name a few items.

          My second reason is all about looks.  When my purse is matched  perfectly to my outfit I feel complete.  Someone made a comment to me many years ago when I was young and my boyfriend at the time was trying to by me my first Coach purse.   Basically he was trying to get me a colorful purse and I was like I want a black or brown purse something I can wear with everything.  He bought me a beautiful brown one.  But later I was told if your man wants to buy you a colorful purse let him.  That has stuck with me so now fast forward and I’m a full-grown woman.  I have so many purses and an assortment of colors, styles and designs.   I find my most unusual purses while thrifting.  I usually buy more than 3 purses at a time when thrifting.  


I have a thing for fringe purses. Maybe it’s the way they sway but this is one of the three I had to have. My dress is also from the Goodwill.
Thrifting is something I will never get tired of. When you can find beautiful items for little to nothing and turn them into fascinating outfits that’s real skill.
You can barely see this adorable mustard colored purse (down below when I bought it from goodwill you can see it a little better) but this one was such a cute pop of color I had to have it. My crop top and jeans are also courteous of Goodwill.
Oh this is my favorite purse this spring as pictured below. I purchased it from Goodwill and it was practically brad new. My android camera doesn’t show the raw peach beauty.  My tank top and mom shorts are also from the Goodwill.
Oh darn you’ve caught me. This is me trying to decide which purse to buy. Welp when you can’t decide how about all three.
A gold clutch is a must in any woman’s purse collection. This one is courteous of you guessed it Goodwill. My dress and shoes are also from the Goodwill.
This cute floral print purse I actually bought from Aldo on sale. I couldn’t pass it up I even paid additional for the extra bedazzled arm strap. My dress is from Goodwill.

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