D.I.Y. Chokers

Heyyy guys….let’s talk about chokers. I know what some of you 80’s and 90’s wild children are thinking . But something I learned from my aunt is styles constantly go in circles, meaning styles will be around for a generation and then their gone like they never happened only to resurface maybe 10 or 15 years later. I’ve been around for a few styles that have resurfaced. Last year sometime before summer maybe even the year before last you started to see celebrities in particular those Kardashian’s everywhere with those little black chokers on. This style brought back so many memories from middle school wearing chokers non stop like mid 90’s. I wore different chokers literally with everything. Fast forward 2016 and guess what chokers are making a come back. I started wearing a black shoestring tied around my neck thinking nobody will no the difference. Me being the penny pincher I am I thought to my self I could make these and probably better than what any store was selling them for. I went into my local Hobby Lobby and Michael’s stores and found everything I needed to start creating simple, unique, custom and charmed chokers to complement every outfit. Take a look and tell me what you think.choker4choker8choker15choker5choker9choker1choker3choker7choker12

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